Highly Personalized ACT, SAT, and PSAT Tutoring

Seeley Test Pros

Believes every student is unique. Our programs are individually designed around your student’s strengths and weaknesses. We begin all of our PSAT, SAT, or ACT Tutoring in Cleveland by assessing a student’s needs through prior test scores or administering recent official sample tests. Typically, our students can realize significant growth in the ACT composite score of 3-4 points with six to eight 60 minute sessions of one-on-one tutoring. PSAT and SAT students can expect a 150-200 point increase overall with eight to ten 60 minute tutoring sessions, meeting weekly approximately 6-12 weeks before a student’s scheduled exam date. Seeley Test Pros will advise you as to what the appropriate number of tutoring sessions might be for your individual needs or goals. Our recommendations always take into consideration the student’s current scores, difficulty of school curriculum, grade point average and desired goal score.

Seeley Test Pros has developed its own proprietary materials and methodology over 26 years to ensure that students will achieve their goals if they are motivated to do so. Students will complete 2-3 hours of practice work or study between each tutoring session to optimize the time spent in the tutoring session, covering the most essential strategies and knowledge for that student. Our tutors will help students to diagnose their weaknesses and prescribe appropriate and effective steps to improve. Students will work only on recent, official test materials produced by the College Board and ACT, Inc. to ensure that the students’ practice mirrors the tests that they will take.


All Seeley Test Pros tutors are trained in the content and methodologies that have worked successfully for Amy Seeley for the last 26 years. They are skilled, experienced educators with a mission to impact their student’s lives through the scores that their students achieve. They are individuals that treat test preparation as more than a job but rather a profession. Seeley Test Pros tutors routinely sit for the exams that they teach alongside their students to stay attuned to any changes in the tests or testing environments. All of our tutors are gifted communicators who know how to translate challenging concepts more fluently. We believe our tutors are only as good as their student’s results, which is why our business has thrived through referrals only.

Seeley Test Pros delivers its one on one tutoring programs at a variety of locations, either in-person or via Zoom conferencing online or FaceTime nationally and internationally. Students can meet their instructor at area schools, libraries, coffee shops, and cafes. Many of our local students request session times during the school day during their free periods. Tutors are available to schedule seven days a week, from 8 am to 10 pm, depending upon demand. Our tutors will meet you when and where you are, literally.

If you would like more information call (216) 965-5162.

Payment for Services

Seeley Test Pros works with students determined to maximize scores for high school, college, and graduate school admissions tests. We offer individualized tutoring and small group classroom options to meet the diverse needs of students and their families.

Cancellation Policy

Seeley Test Pros will attempt to accommodate scheduling changes, but only with a minimum of 24-hours notice prior to the scheduled tutoring appointment or class session. The notice must be provided by phone, directly to the instructor. If email and/or text communications of the cancellation are provided, such is only effective upon the receipt and responsive confirmation by the instructor. In extraordinary circumstances,