Academic Coaching Program

Seeley Test Pros believes every student is unique. Our programs are individually designed around the student’s strengths and weaknesses. We begin all of our Study Skills programs by assessing a student’s needs and goals. Seeley Test Pros will advise you as to what the appropriate number of coaching sessions might be based upon our assessment. Our recommendations always take into consideration the student’s current grade point average, the difficulty of the school curriculum, and the desired goal.

Seeley Test Pros has developed its own proprietary materials and methodology over 25 years to ensure that students will achieve their goals if they are motivated to do so. Students will complete 1-2 hours of practice work or study in between each coaching session to optimize the time spent in the session, integrating the essential Study Skills strategies into their actual schoolwork. Our tutors will help students to diagnose their weaknesses and prescribe appropriate and effective steps to improve. Students will focus on the follow study skills:

#1 Overcoming Procrastination:

Do you know that final exams are only weeks away? Will you be ready in time? If you aren’t sure, this session will help you assemble tools and strategies to rock those end-of-semester tests.

#2. How To Use The Study Cycle:

Do you think “studying” means only re-reading your notes and the textbook the night before the test? Research shows that re-reading alone is one of the LEAST effective study methods. If you’d like to learn a strategic system for learning and retrieving material, this session is for you.

#3. How To Use The Study Senses:

Is your brain bored? Do you study the same way for every single test for every single subject? Variation is essential for long-term learning. Using multiple study senses will help you encode information in new ways. Come to this session to “see” how it works.

#4. Developing Powerful Note-Taking Skills:

Are your notes illegible, incoherent, and incomplete? Do your teachers make you take notes in ways that just don’t “click” for you? Once you take notes over a lecture or chapter, what do you do with them? This session focuses on a two-step note-taking process to help you own information your own way.

#5. Creating Quizzable Study Tools:

Do you often think you know the information better than you really do? Are your quiz and test grades unpleasant surprises? Maybe you need better ways to quiz yourself before your teachers do. If you’re not sure how, this session will help.

#6. Making A Rock Solid Study Plan:

The test/mid-term/final is fast approaching. Do you have a rock-solid study plan in place? Have you allowed enough time for all projects, presentations, and papers as well as exams? Let’s end this Study Success Series by mapping the last few weeks of the semester.

Seeley Test Pros tutors are skilled, experienced educators with a mission to impact their students’ lives through a cooperative, nurturing environment. They are individuals that treat tutoring as more than a job but rather a profession. All of our tutors are engaging and gifted communicators who know how to translate challenging concepts more fluently. We believe our tutors are only as good as their student’s results, which is why our business has thrived through referrals only.

Seeley Test Pros delivers its one on one coaching programs at a variety of locations, either in-person or online via FaceTime or Zoom, nationally and internationally. Students can meet their instructors at area schools, libraries, coffee shops, and cafes. Many of our local students request session times during the school day during their free periods. Tutors are available to schedule seven days a week, from 8 am to 10 pm, depending upon demand. Our Cleveland tutors will meet you when and where you are, literally.

If you would like to register for one-on-one Study Skills or group seminars, click one of the the buttons below, or call (216) 965-5162 for more information.