Skills-Based Academic Programs


Check out our amazing programs intended to support students through these challenging educational times and ensure they are ready for academic success, such as:

Grammar Squad 

Do the words “subject,” “verb,” or “dependent clause” mean anything to you? When was the last time you had to identify when to use a colon versus a semi-colon? High school students rarely review some of the basic concepts behind sentence structure because most teachers are relying on what the student learned in middle school. Make sure you are ready for the writing expectations of a high school teacher. Students will break down sentence structure, punctuation, verb phrasing, and much more over the course of this program. Students with any skill level can benefit from this program all centered around helping you become the best writer you can be!

Math Booster 

Is your student still building their mathematics skill and confidence? This program aims to reinforce students’ computation ability (i.e., addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and strengthen their understanding of foundational math (e.g., decimals, fractions, percents, ratios, etc.). Students will review the building blocks for math questions involving word problems, conversions, and equations, and will use those skills to prepare for the algebra and geometry necessary in high school math classes. No one needs to be a math expert to benefit from this program!

Math Challenger 

Who wants to push their math skill to the next level! This program is best suited for students with mathematical skills and ability that want to elevate to higher level high school courses down the road. Students will explore complex aspects of problem-solving, ratios and proportions, and even probability. Students will learn integral math strategies they can apply on almost any math problem across algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. Students will review algebraic concepts they have learned in junior high and prepare them for the foundational math they will need throughout all four years of high school.

Strategic Reading Program

Looking to take your reading skill to the next level? Our Strategic Reading Program is designed for students looking to hone their reading comprehension in both fiction and non-fiction. The optimal student for this program wants to develop a strong foundation of reading skill and to elevate their pre-existing aptitude. This program will engage students in reading activities involving group discussion and analysis, along with time for personal reflection and examination. Students will examine different writing styles and genres, and students will have the opportunity to prepare for high school level (and above) reading expectations.

Study Skills Success

Do you know a student who has the ability to succeed but isn’t sure how to manage their time and attention while studying? Our Study Skills Success Program will help students explore how to study by introducing them to the “study cycle” and the “study senses.” Students will be provided a variety of tools in this camp to learn how to assess their current methods for studying and explore what is working for them and what is working against them. Our goal in each discussion is to make sure students understand how their brain and body work while studying. Students will learn how they can encode information in new ways, take notes that matter, and create study tools for themselves at home.

Word Power

Have you ever opened the dictionary to a random page and just started reading? Have you ever seen a word in print and said, “Oh, THAT’S how you spell it?” If so, this is the camp for you! Every word has a story. Many words in English came from Latin or Greek word parts (prefixes, suffixes, and roots), and the more of these parts you know, the easier it will be to build a great vocabulary for life, not just for the next quiz. Join a Word Nerd from Seeley Test Pros to increase your word power.

HSPT Practice Prep

Does your student have the desire to improve their HSPT scores but lack the motivation to stay on task with their review and practice? This program will provide them with the weekly opportunity to do sample questions and test sections under the guided instruction of an HSPT professional. Students will do assigned work from their HSPT textbook and target those areas in which they have underperformed. Students will be amazed at how a little practice goes a long way to maximize their test scores for high school admissions.

Book Club Fun 

Students’ biggest complaint when it comes to reading is that the materials they are expected to read are too boring. Our goal is to bring stories to students that they not only find interesting, but that they can use to strengthen their understanding of narrative structure, literary devices, and thematic meaning. This program will lead students through a series of short stories designed to get them engaged in reading—despite whatever their current interest level is. Students will discuss how to employ different skills and assessments while reading, depending on the writing style and topic.  Students will be provided a variety of tools to encourage personal reflection and group discussion about stories that span diverse genres and authors.

Academic Math Bridge Programs for Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus

Class sizes limited to 10 participants. Register early to ensure your spot and use the help of our Cleveland tutors. Register for more than one of our skills-based programs: multiple session discounts available.          Call 216-965-5162 for more details. Click below.