The students at Saint Ignatius High School are tough to fool, so they love working with Mrs. Seeley because they can tell right off the bat that she knows her stuff.  Mrs. Seeley presents test strategies and other pointers in an interesting, yet common sense fashion, and her typical student sees significant improvement in his or her test scores.  We affectionately call her ‘ACT Amy,’ but Mrs. Seeley helps prepare Saint Ignatius students for standardized tests of all kinds, not just the ACT.  She even works with grade school students to help prepare them for high school entrance exams!  It is a pleasure to work with Mrs. Seeley; she is ultra-professional, always pleasant,and her students’ results speak for themselves.

Patrick O’Rourke ’90

Director of Admissions, St. Ignatius High School

Greg was extremely helpful and extremely personable. He was a great teacher and presented several strategies to help me succeed on the math and science ACT tests in easy to understand ways. He gave me tools that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to find. My overall score improved two composite points to reach my goal. Greg is awesome.

Kevin W.

I would like to thank Greg Lindway and Rose-Marie Janesz so much for their help! With each tutor, I completed three review sessions that involved comprehensively reviewing any mistakes I made in my ACT prep guide. I was able to balance the tutoring with a busy academic and athletic schedule, and both tutors were very flexible and easy to reach on their cell phones. They also agreed to meet at any location of my convenience. Both Greg and Rose-Marie eliminated my test anxiety by making me more confident in my abilities. As a result, I now feel more secure about my college options. Even though I focused on ACT tutoring with them, an improvement was also seen in my SAT scores. The tutoring proved to be well worth it and I will not hesitate to recommend both of them to my friends and family.
ACT Composite: Initial: 23 After tutoring: 27
English section: 26–30
Math section: 21–26
Reading section: 24–28
Science: 22–23

SAT Composite: Initial: 1670 After tutoring: 1860 
Math section: 520–610
Reading section: 570–620
Writing section:580–630
 Again thank you both so much! I know that my scores would not have improved otherwise, and I learned invaluable things from the both of you. I am deeply appreciative of your hard work!


Amy is fabulous with figuring out and catering to your personal strengths and weaknesses are. She incorporates new angles to approach learning the material and how to test well on it. I learned and practiced these approaches with her so that I had them nailed down so that I increased my score 3 incredible points and earned more scholarship money because of my high score. She is really worth all the money and time. Thanks Mrs. Seeley!

Alexa F.

The individual attention on specific sections of the SAT helped me boost my SAT score from a 1950 to a 2210. It was more thorough than the group testing classes (Princeton Review, Kaplan, etc..)

Joe T.

I got a great score on the ACT, and I could not have done it without Amy, especially when it came to the strategies she taught me. 

Taylor D.

Amy not only helped me improve my SAT scores but her strategies helped me be an overall better test taker.

Chris E.

Amy was an exceptional tutor, she helped with me both the ACT and the SAT, and really helped me improve my scores. She was incredibly flexible, a great teacher, and really helped me prepare. I did better on both tests because of her, and will use her skills for any other test that I take.

Carlos P.

I increased by math ACT score by 4 points after your tutoring sessions!

Lisa H.

Hi Mr. Lindway,
Thanks so much for the help in Science. A 24 to a 31 on Science is definitely a great improvement. I’m thinking about takin the test again in the fall to shoot for at least a 31 composite. 

Maureen L. 

I actually just found out that I got a perfect 36 on my ACTs and I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help!!! 

Michaela R.

My experience working with Amy Seeley was phenomenal. She picks apart each question, helping her students fully understand the material. I felt comfortable working with her from the very first session, and as a student who tried many other test-prep methods, I would recommend her tutoring above anything else. If you want a better score, and mainly a better understanding of test questions, Amy Seeley is definitely your best bet. Thank you for all your help!

Matt B.

Amy helped me achieve my goal score. I couldn’t have done it without her. I recommend her to ALL my junior friends and they all rave about her. The best thing that Amy did for me was show me how to quickly pinpoint the questions that I would probably get wrong. That way, I had more time to focus on the questions that I did have a chance to answer and I could get more right. She is very easy to reach to add a session or tell her your score. She is really nice and always understanding of the frustrations of test taking. Amy helped me get into my dream school.

Katie J.